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Adriatico Ribolla PDF TECH SHEET

Ribolla is the most typical white wine in Brda (the westernmost region of Slovenia) and Collio (the northernmost region of Italy). It is one of the most ancient grape varieties in the area, grown here since the time of the Roman Empire. This Ribolla is produced in the heart of Brda where the grape expresses its fullest potential.

100% Ribolla Gialla

Our Ribolla, from middle-aged and old vines, is slightly yellow, with gold accents; the bouquet is soft with notes of lemon, green apple, citrus, and grapefruit. The harmony of acids, full body, and distinct minerality perfects the palate.

Pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes, including asparagus, white meat, seafood, pasta, pork, and fish.

“This Ribolla from the
Brda area in Slovenia
highlights Ribolla's clean
freshness. Citrus, green
apple and mineral layer
the palate with a
long racy finish.”